A big thank you to Kieran

A few weeks ago, my son D didn’t want to go to Springers. He was afraid. There was an insurmountable jump that filled him with fear. He wanted to give up Springers, starting with that very day.

We managed to convince him to go, and speak to his instructor and ask for help. It’s a big ask of a 6 year old, so doubt he did, but either way, Kieran picked up on this and helped him conquer his fear.

He came home with a little star that read “Star of the week” and a post it that read “Rock Star!”. He was bubbling with joy, and achievement.

In the space of one lesson, he went from being a scared little boy, to conquering his fear and feeling like a superstar.

D has tried a great number of extramural activities, and I have found that not everyone is cut out for working with children. Kieran however, has a gift. Not only for parkour and gymnastics, but for teaching and working with little people. He is intuitive and has empathy, two things that cannot be taught.

Thank you so much for this wonderful learning experience. Keep up the good work!

Find regards
(D’s mum)