Physical Activity and Kids – What are the Benefits of Exercise for Children?

Constantly worrying about your child’s wellbeing is part of being a parent. Are they eating right? Are they sleeping enough? Do they have good friends? Are they doing well at school? And it goes on and on. As parents, we always want the best for our kids, whether it is for their health, physical and mental wellbeing, or education. Another concern that is often on every parent’s mind in this age of technology is whether their children are physically fit and active enough. The pandemic has increased our dependence on technology. The same is also true for children who’ve had to stay away from schools and playgrounds and all other activities they enjoy with their friends, including playing and exercising. However, now that the world is slowly getting back to normal, parents need to ensure that their children exercise enough to become fit and active again. The earlier your child develops a regular exercise routine, the more they will reduce their risk of developing illnesses in the future. There are several other benefits of physical exercise for children:

Better Cardiovascular Health

The heart, just like every other muscle in the body, requires regular exercise to become stronger and healthier. So if your child spends at least one hour playing a sport, or doing a physical activity or exercising every day, it will make their heart strong and efficient and prevent cardiovascular diseases in the future.

Better Bone Health

Any physical activity that involves jumping, running, and stretching, will help increase the density of your children’s bones and make them stronger. This will help increase your child’s overall strength and agility and reduce their risk of injuries in the long run.

Better Immune System

It is scientifically proven that regular exercising can naturally boost the immune system. In the case of children, this can mean fewer incidents of sickness and flu. In addition, children who play some sport or engage in physical activity daily are less likely to come down with seasonal illnesses.

More Brainpower

Physical exercise is good for improving children’s mental skills like memory, coordination, balance, spatial abilities, and processing speeds. Kids who spend at least an hour every day playing a sport or engaging in vigorous exercise are more likely to perform better at school and in their careers later on.

Better Sleep & Mood

A good night’s sleep is critical for your child’s brain development and growth. Regular exercising can improve the quality of sleep and also help them fall asleep faster. Furthermore, exercise also helps keep your child happy, improves their emotional wellbeing and prevents episodes of anxiety, anger, and depression.

There is strong scientific evidence that indicates that exercise is good for your children’s overall health and fitness. All you need to do is educate and encourage them to engage in regular physical activity, either by taking up a sport or learning special exercise routines such as aerobics, yoga, or gymnastics.

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Written By: Ronnie Findlay on August 3, 2021
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