Best Gymnastics Training Equipment for Kids

Gymnastics is a great sport that can be very enjoyable and beneficial for kids. Unlike other sports which require a single set of equipment, gymnastics is performed using a variety of equipment. From strength and flexibility to balance and coordination, each gymnastics equipment helps children develop a different set of skills. Although children will have access to all the equipment they need in their classes, it is always a good idea to invest in some home gymnastics training equipment to help your child practice and improve their skills. Some of the most common kids gymnastics equipment is:

  • Floor Balance Beams

A balance beam is an elevated beam placed on the floor and used for improving balance. It is used for artistic gymnastics for an event of the same name which is only performed by female gymnasts. Balance beam routines consist of handstands, rolls, walkovers, and a mixture of acrobatic skills, dance elements, leaps and poses.

  • Kip Bar

A kip is a complicated and vital gymnastics skill that requires consistent training and practice. A kip bar is an equipment used for practising and perfecting this move. Upper body strength is crucial to mastering kip, and the kip bar is the ideal gymnastics equipment for strengthening the arms, shoulders, and core body.

  • Tumbling Mats

This rubber padded mat is a common feature at all gymnastics clubs and is a must-have at home to help your child practice safely. It helps to cushion the feet and body upon landing and is essential for practising tumbling, jumping, and other moves.

  • Swing Bar/Uneven Bar

A swing bar or the more complex version called the uneven bar is used for practising swings, kips, casts, and jumps among other strengthening exercises. It is a piece of artistic gymnastics equipment made from steel used in the “bars” event. Children usually start with a single swing bar and then move on to uneven bars as they progress. The uneven bars are placed at different heights and widths to allow gymnasts to practice transitioning from one bar to another without touching the ground.

  • Vault

A vault is a piece of gymnastic equipment and skill. It is a horse-shaped rod that is set perpendicularly for women and parallelly for men. Vaulting is performed by running on a padded runway, hurdling on a springboard, and then landing on the vault on the hands. Beginner children simply hold this position while those at an advanced level escalate into another tumble. Both male and female gymnasts perform vaulting.

When it comes to gymnastics training for children, it is best to start early. It allows your child to train sufficiently with all gymnastics equipment and identify their strengths and talents well in advance. The first step towards ensuring that your child gets the best gymnastics training is enrolling them in a trusted and recognised gymnastics club-like MK Springers. Then by installing one or all of the above gymnastics training equipment for kids, you can help them practice and improve their skills at home. To learn more about our gymnastics sessions and book a place for your child, get in touch with us at 01908 217788.

Written By: Ronnie Findlay on November 9, 2021
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