Bucks Floor & Vault Comp Info

Bucks Floor & Vault Competition

Sunday 24th November 2019

Gymnasts who have already entered, please find the timetable for the day. Gymnasts levels can be found on the board next to the young changing rooms.

  • Level 10s and 8s – 8.30am start,  medals approx 12.30pm.
  • Level 9s, 7s, 6s and 5s – 1.30pm start, medals approx 5.30pm.

Spectator admission £5 per person, payable on the door on the day.


  • Girls – Orla Style Club leotard
  • Boys – Atlas Style Club leotard and black gymnastics shorts

All hair must be ready before the competition starts. Female hair should be up in a plait or similar style before arriving at the competition. No jewelry

If you are able to help with music, please let Sarah know.