Can Adults Learn Gymnastics? Breaking the Myth

The word “gymnastics” immediately conjures up images of very flexible children and teenagers doing impossible flips and jumps with the utmost finesse. However, contrary to popular belief, gymnastics is not just for children and teenagers. Plenty of adult gymnasts can do extraordinary feats too. As long as you’re healthy and have no complications that can affect your health while you’re learning gymnastics, you can take up this rewarding sport and gain all its benefits even in adulthood. However, before starting you must set some goals and be realistic about your expectations. Are you interested in learning gymnastics professionally to compete in tournaments, or are you doing it for recreational reasons? Do you want to train in gymnastics to lose weight and tone your body? Or do you want to increase your stamina, strength, and flexibility? These are just some of the questions to address before enrolling for adults gymnastics sessions.

To Compete or Not Compete

The average age of retirement for professional gymnasts is between 16 to 25 years for both males and females. So if you are 20 or over, it may be a little too late to start training for gymnastics to compete at tournaments. Most professional gymnasts begin their training from a very early age, ranging from 2- 5 years. So anyone over 12 years is unlikely to move up the levels and be able to compete professionally. However, it is not too late to learn after 20 or even 25 years if you simply want to enjoy the benefits of doing gymnastics.

Fitness All the Way

There are many benefits to learning gymnastics as an adult. One of the key elements of gymnastics, which is resistance training, is particularly beneficial in the long run as it is known to promote joint growth and muscle strength and improve cardiovascular fitness. Regardless of whether can perform all the moves, a focused gymnastics program will make you stronger than you’ve ever been.

Flexibility is Key

The majority of sports and fitness programs are primarily focused on improving strength and stamina. Gymnastics is one of the few sports that focus on all-round fitness, especially on flexibility. Being flexible gives you greater mobility, healthier joints and muscles, better circulation, and a lower risk of injuries. Since we tend to become stiffer with age, the stretching and flexibility exercises in gymnastics can be very beneficial in improving flexibility in adults.

Gymnastics may not be the first choice of adults who wish to improve their health and fitness levels, but it should be. While it may be difficult at first, gymnastics training offers many long term benefits that can help adults to lead a healthy and active life. MK Springers provides excellent gymnastics sessions for all age groups, including adults. You can find out more about these classes or book your session here.

Written By: Ronnie Findlay on December 1, 2021
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