16-17 Carters Lane, Milton Keynes, MK11 3ES

Kiln Farm is situated off the H2 Millers Way in the NW of Milton Keynes



To sign up to join our waiting list for the Kiln Farm Club Sessions in Milton Keynes, please click on the link below to choose a session. Once a space becomes available you will be invited to pay in advance for the first month. Please do not turn up until you have been invited as you may be turned away. You will receive a warm welcome on arrival and you can stay to watch the first session. Please make sure your child is fully toilet trained, is ready to be left with our instructors, and is not wearing jewellery or earrings. You will need to pay in advance for the month in order to secure your place. 

Annual Membership  All members are being asked to pay a membership fee of £25 per child, up to a maximum of £50. Your child will receive a draw-string training bag containing essential items that will be needed in their session each week.

Please only book for your own child. If they have a friend who wants to try then their parent should book them in.

Jewellery or earrings cannot be worn. 

Click here for full terms and conditions

Since April 6th 2009 this has been our main venue; providing gymnastics every day of the week. We offer all levels of gymnastics from recreational level to competitive at county, regional and national level.

We offer “Waddler to Toddler”,  Gymnastics for All,  Mens’ Artistic, Womens’ Artistic, Freestyle Gym and Tumbling.

Our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) class runs throughout the year on Tuesday at 5pm. These classes have a lower gymnast to coach ratio.

We run holiday courses here every half term, Easter and Summer holidays, offering both indoor and outdoor activities.



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