Corona virus update

Dear Parent/Carer

With the current crisis now taking a strong hold we feel it is time to reach out to you. In discussion with the Board of Trustees it is inevitable that we will be closing from Monday 23rd March.

As a club we want to make sure we can survive this pandemic and still be in existence when we come out the other side.

In the panic members are beginning to cancel, instead of cancelling entirely, please remember your child will still want to return to the sport they love. So we  would ask you to support the charity through this and allow us to reduce your dd to 50%  of the normal fee payable from 1st April. This will make it possible for our staff to have some money coming in and therefore we will hopefully have a team to re-open with.

If you pay by vouchers please instruct your voucher company.

If you wish for your dd to remain at the full amount, please tell us and accept our gratitude for your generosity.

Please understand if most people cancel their membership then MK Springers will cease to exist.

We value the support of all of you

Written By: Candler-O'Donnell on March 18, 2020
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