Progression & Squads


Both male and female gymnasts are selected from our Gym for all groups to join our squad groups. These gymnasts train 1.5hrs a week. In this group the gymnasts have their first taste of conditioning while still improving their basic gymnastic skills. These gymnasts will train bars, beam, floor, vault, trampette, trampette vault, tumble & DMT. They are constantly assessed and gymnasts who are old enough and show ability to compete will be offered the opportunity.

WAG Squad

One moment you’re upside down, spinning around a bar meters off the ground. The next you’re demonstrating perfect balance, somersaults along a beam no wider than the length of an iPhone. Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Squad members are female gymnasts who train between 4-9 hours a week. They compete on the main gymnastic apparatus (Uneven Bars / Beam / Floor / Vault) and compete in various county, regional and national competitions.

DMT Squad

Double mini-tramp is a small trampoline. It has a sloped end and a flat bed. Hurtling down a runway at top speed then launching yourself into the sky! The gymnasts both male & female run up and jump onto the sloping end and then jump onto the flat part before dismounting onto a mat. Skills are performed during the jumps or as they dismount: They compete in various county, regional and national competitions.

Team Gym Squad

Micro Team Gym. If you enjoy somersaulting and being part of a team this is for you. This consists of trampette, tumble and vault. Teams (Male & Female) of 4 compete in streaming routines. This is very fast and very enjoyable: Again they can compete in various county, regional and national competitions.

Tumbling Squad

You’re thundering down the runway, launching into your fifth backflip in a row. For a moment it feels like the whole world is rotating around you. Then it’s over. Tumbling is a truly breath-taking type of gymnastics. It’s all about somersaults, flips and twists – and linking them together, one right after the other. This squad is for both male & female gymnasts who train 4hrs+ a week. They compete at county, regional and national level.

Gymnasts training in a Squad group are only allowed to train with 1 club (if a gymnast is found to be training at 2 clubs they will be asked to leave our club)


No earrings allowed  – if gymnasts get their ears pierced they CANNOT train until they can take them out.

Hair – Long hair must be neat and tidy. Please have it tied up in a plait / bun or something similar. NO PONYTAILS. Long hair can get caught on apparatus and gymnasts constantly redoing ponytails are both distracting and can be dangerous.

Attire – all squad gymnasts should train in a leotard, girls may also wear leggings or shorts / boys should wear shorts or training stirrups (trousers). Club tracksuits and tops are to be purchased from Maisies Superstore in Wolverton.

Leotards are to be purchased at the gym. Please check squad notice boards for specific Competition leotard style.

Competition Attire

All female gymnasts must wear the Squad Orla style leotard (unless informed otherwise). For general gymnastic competitions older female gymnasts may wear shorts that are the same colour at the bottom of their leotard. Leggings are not allowed for competition. Underwear must not be on show (gymnasts will incur deductions if shown)

Male gymnasts must wear the Squad Atlas style leotard and black gymnastic shorts. Football shorts are not allowed and will incur a deduction.