Gymnastics Clothing – What Should Your Child Wear for Gymnastics Classes

There has been a growing interest in gymnastics after the Olympics games. Several parents have gotten inspired and enrolled their children in local gymnastics clubs to train them for professional gymnastics. As a leading gymnastics club in Milton Keynes, MK Springers has welcomed several eager parents and children in recent months. One of the most common questions we get asked by parents is – “what is the best gymnastics clothing and what should my child wear for gymnastics classes?” Gymnastics can be a challenging and daunting sport at first. And if your child turns up for their first session dressed in the wrong clothes, they will be unable to participate and begin their training with others. So if your child is about to start their gymnastics training, here’s a guide to how they should be dressed for their classes:

What Not to Wear

Before we discuss the ideal gymnastics clothing, let’s discuss what not to wear for gymnastics sessions. Any clothing, such as jeans that restricts movement and has zippers and buttons, should be avoided. Loose, baggy clothes that can hang down and obstruct your child’s face or restrict their movement should also be avoided as they can get caught in equipment and body parts. It is important to note that children cannot wear any jewellery while practising gymnastics as it can get stuck or fall and cause injury to your child and others.

Now that you know what not to wear, here’s what your child should wear for their gymnastics classes.


The best gymnastics clothing for girls is leotards or unitards. Leotards allow the gymnasts to perform a full range of movements without causing friction or restriction. They are ideal for gymnastics as they are less likely to get caught in any equipment and disrupt any exercise.

Another popular combination for gymnastics is crop tops and leggings or shorts, depending on the weather. Just make sure that the leggings are footless, so there is no risk of slipping while practising. It is a good idea to personalise your child’s name so they can be recognised among other kids in the class. Also, ensure that your child’s hair is pulled back in a ponytail, so it doesn’t come on their face or get stuck in any equipment and cause injury.


It’s relatively easier to dress boys for gymnastics as they can wear a sports t-shirt and shorts for their classes. Just make sure they do not wear any socks and go bare feet for their sessions, as socks can make them slip and fall. Also, avoid clothes with buttons, zippers, buckles, or clasps as these can get stuck in the equipment and cause injury.

Gymnastics Club in Milton Keynes

MK Springers is the only local gymnastics club in Milton Keynes registered with OFSTED. Our qualified and experienced coaches can provide great gymnastics training, and also guide you on what attire your child should wear for their sessions. We offer a range of classes for toddlers and children of all ages and help them learn gymnastics for recreation and competitions. Want to enrol your child in our gymnastics classes? Contact our friendly team on 01908 217788 to check availability.

Written By: Ronnie Findlay on November 12, 2021
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