Holiday Club

Book your Summer Holiday Childcare Fun & Fitness at MK Springers

Dates: Monday 19th July-Friday 3rd September

Times: Gymnastics 9.00am-1.00pm and 9.00am-5.30pm

              Freestyle 1.30pm-3.30pm

Age 5 yrs & upwards (must be 6yrs by 31st August 2021). Book here 

Drop off at Kiln Farm from 8.45am

Please note: Payment is required immediately. Jewellery or earrings  cannot be worn. Taped-over earrings are not permitted.  

To Book your  holiday club sessions now:

1. Click link  My Account and log in. If you don’t have an account please register here
2. Then click on Membership profile button
3. Then click on Book Holiday Club button
4. Click on ‘Book’ to reserve session(s)
5. Pay for ‘Reservations’ to confirm booking

Non-siblings do not qualify for a bulk discount so they should be booked separately.

Book total sessions worth £140 or more at one time and  you will receive a discount of 10%


16-17 Carters Lane Kiln Farm, Milton Keynes, MK11 3ES 

Milton Keynes Council Summer of Play 2021 (August 2nd-August 27th inclusive)

Free School Meals Initiative- Oversubscribed

Bookings are closed for free spaces

Our Ofsted registration allows us to have children from age 6 upwards Please only book for your own child. If they have a friend who wants to come then their parent should book them in.
 Immediate payment is required with order. If you pay by vouchers it is essential that you instruct your voucher provider to pay us immediately.  If payment has not been received we reserve the right to reject your order.

We welcome beginners as well as more experienced gymnasts. Single or multiple days can be booked.

Please note! These courses are very popular and are normally sold out . Early booking is essential to guarantee a place.  Club members cannot use these courses as make-up sessions for missed classes.

You can drop off your children all-day holiday fun & fitness from 8.45am and you must send a packed lunch. We do provide a healthy fruit snack mid-morning. See link for lunch box ideas. This course offers not only gymnastics but also a mix of indoor and outdoor games and activities.

Those who book 3 days should be able to achieve one or more British Gymnastics Badges. Badge work is normally assessed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

What to wear: PE style clothing i.e jog bottoms/shorts/leggings and a t-shirt. Leotards are also perfectly acceptable.  Jeans or “combat”  shorts or trousers ARE NOT ALLOWED. We train in bare feet. Long hair tied back and no jewellery or earrings.

In the summer months please send your child with sun cream and a hat and outdoor shoes.

Voucher Provider

MK Springers Reference

Government Tax-Free childcare Ofsted ref EY439442, postcode MK11 3ES
Accor Care-4 MK Springers or Account no 42521029
Computershare Mk Springers or user id 0016604642 or postcode MK11 3ES
Co-Operative Account 85101979
Edenred Account Number : P20693468
Kiddivouchers MK Springers
Kidsunlimited MK Springers
Salary Exchange TRP0003481
Saycare/Sodexo 818322

Holiday Club Terms & Conditions- Payment

  • Payment is required on booking- for large orders (ie exceeding £250)  during summer holidays we may accept 2 installments
  • We do not offer refunds if your child is ill on the day
  • We do not offer free make up sessions if your child is ill
  • We require 14 days notice of cancellation, a full refund (less cancellation fee)  will be given if we receive this minimum notice.
  • A cancellation fee of £5 per child per day will be charged on all orders.

Holiday Club Terms & Conditions- Other

  • Parents must be available at all times to collect their children in the event of illness/injury/inappropriate language/inappropriate behaviour. If the parent/carer is unable to collect then they should notify MK Springers of an alternative appropriate adult who can collect their child.
  • This appropriate adult should provide a previously arranged password to the coach in charge.
  • As with all classes, the 3 strike policy will be implemented. If you wish a copy of this policy please email in.