Is Gymnastics Bad for Children’s Bodies? Analysing the Myths & Facts

Gymnastics is a challenging sport. It requires immense dedication, agility, and strength, regardless of which age you start. It is also highly rewarding and can have a positive impact on the overall physical and mental development of a child. However, due to the complex nature of the sport, it is often perceived as being too strenuous and dangerous for kids’ bodies. Such beliefs are why parents are often sceptical about enrolling their children in gymnastics even if they show interest or have talent.

But is there any truth to these beliefs? Or are they simply myths and general observations?

One of the most common theories about gymnastics is that it stunts a child’s growth. It is a misconception. Yes, the majority of the professional gymnasts we see on TV indeed have short stature. But this is probably because shorter, smaller people are comparatively lighter than taller athletes and can perform complex routines with greater ease and flair. Even so, there are plenty of tall athletes in the sport that perform exceptionally well and go on to win championships. No evidence suggests that gymnastics adversely affects physical growth in children.

Another belief that stops many parents from enrolling their children in gymnastics is that they are not flexible enough to perform gymnastics. Whereas, it is precisely the reason why children should be encouraged to train in gymnastics. Regardless of their level of fitness and agility, children are given adequate training to gradually improve their physical strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance, thereby helping them become more fit and healthy as they grow.

Parents also worry about their child suffering a severe injury while learning gymnastics that may affect their mobility in the future. The risk of injury during training can happen in any sport, not just gymnastics. Fortunately, gymnastics is one of the few sports which strengthens the bones, muscles and joints in children and makes them more flexible. It can prevent degeneration and injuries in the future. As long as your child is training in a professional gymnastics club with experienced and trained coaches teaching and looking after kids, they will be at a minimum risk of injury.

Like every other sport, gymnastics also has several pros and cons. But the benefits of learning and performing gymnastics outweigh the risks. It is an excellent sport that can help your child develop into a healthy, happy, strong, and confident adult. At MK Springers, we offer a fun, healthy and supportive environment to children who wish to train in gymnastics. We are the only local gymnastics club in Milton Keynes registered with OFSTED, so you can be confident that your children are safe with us and are getting the best training in gymnastics. We offer gymnastics classes to children of all ages from 3 years to 18 years. Want to enrol your child? Get in touch with us on 01908 217788 to learn more about our sessions and availability.

Written By: Ronnie Findlay on October 23, 2021
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