MK Springers Covid 19 Disclaimer

You will be able to copy this page to a word document where you can fill it in. Please scan it and email it to us at


I the Parent/Carer wish;

Please print name of child)……………………………………to return to MK Springers Gymnastics.


I confirm that no one in our family home or those we have had close contact with; have had Covid 19 in the past 14 days . No one in our family has had any symptoms. Please follow this link for the most up to date symptoms;


I also confirm that I will check my child’s/children’s temperature before we leave for  a gymnastic class. I will inform MK Springers immediately and will not bring my child/children to gymnastics if anyone on our family group shows symptoms. I will email with this information.


I also confirm and agree that I will not hold MK Springers, or any coaching staff member, liable or to blame in any way if my child contracts Coronavirus while taking part in a class or going to or from the gym.


Signed by Parent Date Completed
Print Name (Parent)

Finally, we kindly ask you to please provide details of any Coronavirus Test you or anyone in your family unit has had since 1st March 2020 to date and the result of that test.

Family Member Name Date of Test Result of Test