MK Springers to Sign Up For the #iwill Youth Social Action of Youth Charter

Young people have the power to uplift their local community and make a meaningful impact on society as a whole. Being the leaders of tomorrow, they have the energy, ideas, skills, and motivation to make positive changes to the community and environment around them. However, they are often denied the chance to voice their opinions and make decisions. That’s where the #iwill movement intends to make a difference! The campaign, started back in 2013, aims to support and empower children and young people to make a ‘positive difference on the issues that affect their lives, their communities, and the broader society.’ And it plans to achieve these goals through high-quality youth social action.

The #iwill week starts from 22nd November 2021. Several organisations and young people are participating in the campaign to raise awareness about the movement and promote all the great work that has been done by young people through the national youth leadership activity and the activity happening locally in the community centre. As a local gymnastics club in Milton Keynes that trains several children and young people, MK Springers understands the significance of this movement and is organising a photoshoot between 10:00/10:30 am on 24th November 2021 to support and become a part of it.

The photoshoot will be attended by the CEO of Volunteering Matters, Mr Paul Reddish. Volunteering Matters is a national charity that partners with communities to overcome adversity, tackle social isolation and loneliness, improve health, develop skills and opportunities, and make sure young people can lead the change. The event will also be attended by our board of trustees chairman Mr Jim Mann. MK Springers is delighted to sign up for the Youth Social Action of Youth Charter as part of the #iwill week 2021 as we are forming our own Youth Council to give our gymnasts a greater voice in the club. Our club is committed to following the framework of The Power of Youth Charter that focuses on empowering more young people, taking meaningful social actions to shape decisions, and helping them become active citizens.