Safeguarding Children and Child Protection

Safeguarding children

 1.2 Safeguarding children and child protection

(Including, Prevent Duty, Managing allegations of abuse against a member of staff  & Whistle Blowing)


Policy statement


Our club will work with children, parents and the community to ensure the rights and safety of children and to give them the very best start in life. Our safeguarding policy is based on the three key commitments. This policy should be viewed in conjunction with and which we adhere to British Gymnastic Safeguarding & Protecting Children Policy. This document can be viewed on



We carry out the following procedures to ensure we meet the three key commitments of the MK Springers Safeguarding Children Policy.


Key commitment 1

MK Springers is committed to building a ‘culture of safety’ in which children are protected from abuse and harm in all areas of its service delivery.


Staff and volunteers

Key commitment 2

MK Springers is committed to responding promptly and appropriately to all incidents or concerns of abuse, that may occur and to work with statutory agencies in accordance with the procedures that are set down in ‘What to do if you’re worried a child is being abused’ (HMG 2006).


Responding to suspicions of abuse


Recording suspicions of abuse and disclosures


Making a referral to the local authority social care team


Informing parents


Liaison with other agencies

Duty Social Worker; (01908) 253169 / 253170

Emergency Social Work Team (evenings, weekends & bank holidays) (01908) 265545



Allegations against staff


Disciplinary action

Key commitment 3

MK Springers is committed to promoting awareness of child abuse issues throughout its training and learning programmes for coaches. It is also committed to empowering gymnasts by promoting their right to be strong, resilient and listened to.






Gymnastic Training Sessions





Support to families




Legal framework


Primary legislation


Secondary legislation

Further Guidance



Whistle Blowing



Other witnesses

Any other relevant documentation







Reviewed October 2018