Try Before You Buy, Easter 2023

We are offering a gymnastic trial to new members who are interested in trying out this fantastic sport.

The following dates are available. click below on the appropriate age for the day you want to come   

Monday 3rd April : Age 4.5-6yrs            Age 7-10yrs: 

Tuesday 4th April : Age 4.5-6yrs          Age 7-10yrs:

Wednesday 5th April : Age 4.5-6yrs    Age 7-10yrs:

Thursday 6th April: Age 4.5-6yrs         Age 7-10yrs:

Tuesday 11th April: Age 4.5-6yrs          Age 7-10yrs

Wednesday 12th April; Age 4.5-6yrs   Age 7-10yrs

Thursday 13th April: Age 4.5-6yrs      Age 7-10yrs

Saturday 15th April: Age 6-10yrs

The small print: You can only book one free session for each child. Former waddler to toddlers are welcome to come for try. Your child should not have been a monthly paying member of  MK Springers within the last 2 years


Written By: Candler-O'Donnell on March 27, 2023
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