What is Parkour Gymnastics & Why Is It So Popular?

Have you watched movies with cool action sequences where the hero is chasing the bad guy? He jumps from one building to another effortlessly and casually vaults over walls without catching a breath. However, what may seem like a range of quick random movements is a thoughtfully choreographed activity known as Parkour. But what exactly is Parkour gymnastics?

It is a challenging activity that involves traversing through your environment swiftly and efficiently. It includes cool tricks such as jumping, climbing, swinging, and vaulting through obstacles to reach from one point to another. It is a captivating sport that showcases fluid and elegant movements of your body. Parkour may look effortless, but it is a challenging full-body workout that takes several months or even years to master. It requires patience and consistency to push yourself physically and mentally. A fitness activity and a form of art – parkour gymnastics can be extremely rewarding and exhilarating.

History of Parkour Gymnastics 

The history of parkour gymnastics is as interesting as the sport itself. It originates from Paris and was founded by a teenage boy, David Belle. His father, Raymond Belle, was a firefighter who had undergone basic military training and would often work out in the open – crossing natural obstacles effortlessly and quickly. David drew inspiration from his father’s intense training and attempted to emulate them. David was eventually joined by several young men who trained together – jumping, climbing, and vaulting over barriers and walls. As the group became more efficient and skilled, they named themselves ‘Yamakasi’, which translated to ‘Strong Men, Strong Spirit’. Over the years, Parkour gained popularity beyond Paris and is now practised and learnt in several countries across the globe.

Reasons Why Parkour Is So Popular –

  • Parkour Is Spontaneous And Fun

Parkour does not need one to follow a set routine – people are free to let out their inner child and treat their surroundings like a big playground. It allows them to view their environment creatively, experiment with various movements and form their routine. You can let your imagination run wild – when you parkour, you feel like a cool ninja or a superhero out to save the world.

  • Parkour Is All About Self-Development

Another reason why Parkour is so popular is that it focuses on self-development. It requires you to push your physical limits, develop mindfulness and build a strong mind-to-body connection to perform it successfully. It is not a competitive sport but a social sport. There is no one specific way to do anything, and there are no parameters for winning or losing. Your only competition is probably yourself – pushing yourself to do better than your last performance.

  • Parkour Is For Everyone

If you are into fitness and love the outdoors, Parkour is for you. The thrilling and spontaneous nature of the sport is appealing to people of all age groups. It may look effortless, but Parkour requires intensive training and a high level of awareness of your surroundings to master it. But that should not discourage you – nobody starts by jumping from one building to another. It is all about going at your own pace and having fun while you’re at it. You can see opportunities where regular people see obstacles.

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Written By: Ronnie Findlay on May 3, 2022
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